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  1. I live in US and would like to buy the sheet music for “storm in a cocoon. " I can pay using Paypal and I did not understand / read Chinese. Can you be able to sell to me ? Many thanks.

  2. Was wondering if you sell the music sheet for 陳奕迅 Eason Chan – 歲月如歌 / 兄妹 Triumph In the Skies? A reply is much appreciated thank you.

  3. 請問有沒有疾風傳的op同ed的樂譜?因為沒寫,所以不是太確定。如果你可以接受預定的話,麻煩你可不可以編疾風傳的Op Diver,Toumei datta sekei, Newsong, Moshimo同Ed U can do it!, Sayonara memories, 電影ed Kana Nishino-If, 太多了對不起。想買譜,是不是將曲名寫在email就行?Thank you (笑).

  4. Hey there, any chance you will be interested in doing a cover of this song from the anime:
    Yowamushi No Pedal OP 2 – Yowamushi na Honoo 弱虫な炎

    Here’s the link, hope you’ll get addicted haha!

  5. 发左邮件给你,可唔可以随便回复一下,至少我知道你确认左你会做我这单生意。如果唔做回复一下都好,3个月之后我很可能已经唔记得左这件事。Thx~

  6. 可不可以用黑色 Roland FP-80 數碼鋼琴彈以下歌曲及提供琴譜?謝謝。

    *Supper Moment – 小伙子
    *Supper Moment – 無盡
    *Supper Moment – 飛
    *Supper Moment – 點滴
    *Supper Moment – 世界變了樣
    *Supper Moment – 有你有我
    *Beyond – 不可一世
    *Beyond – 情人
    *Beyond – 抗戰二十年
    *Beyond – 不再猶豫
    *Beyond – 光輝歲月
    *Beyond – 長城
    *羅嘉良 Gallen Lo – 當愛情走到盡頭
    *羅嘉良 Gallen Lo – 陽光燦爛的日子
    *羅嘉良 Gallen Lo – 未來沒法計算
    *張學友 Jacky Cheung – 祝福
    *張學友 Jacky Cheung – 吻別
    *張學友 Jacky Cheung – 一千個傷心的理由
    *張學友 Jacky Cheung – 我真的受傷了
    *張學友 Jacky Cheung – 我愛玫瑰園
    *張學友 Jacky Cheung – 獨尋醉
    *林峯 Raymond Lam – 頑石
    *林峯 Raymond Lam – 同林
    *林峯 Raymond Lam – 赤地轉機
    *林峯 Raymond Lam – 愛在記憶中找你
    *林峯 Raymond Lam – 如果時間來到
    *林峯 Raymond Lam – 直到你不找我
    *羅文 Roman Tam – 中國夢
    *羅文 Roman Tam – 幾許風雨
    *羅文 Roman Tam – 前程錦鏽

    • 還有*Supper Moment – 最後晚餐
      *Supper Moment – P.S.I Love You
      *Supper Moment – 同名歌曲
      *Beyond – 大地
      *Beyond – 冷雨夜
      *Beyond – 歲月無聲
      *Beyond – 喜歡你
      *Beyond – 真的愛你
      *Beyond – 灰色軌跡
      *Mr. – 如果我是陳奕迅
      *Mr. – 方向感
      *Mr. – 森林


  7. Hi,

    I have been emailing you but you did not respond.
    I want to buy 1998 離島特警 Rural Hero 多一點. I have emailed klafmannhk@gmail.com and lwhken@gmail.com. But no response. Please let me know how I can buy it. Everyone else seems to have no problem but me. I Thabk you for being so kind to share your wonderful talent and gift of creating and and rearranging already beautiful music. You’re true musician!!!!

    Thank you!!!


  8. Hi Klafmann,

    I still waiting for your piano score which I requested more than 3 months ..I tried to email to your gmail acc but still no respond ..pls get back to me asap coz I still need to request more songs..
    Thank you!